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Boba Borojevic

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Slobodanka (Boba) Borojevic holds a degree in German language and literature from the University of Belgrade. She is a certified teacher, court interpreter, cultural interpreter, clinical medical electrologist, and event and meeting manager. But most of her time she is a businesswoman, running a successful clinic in the field of skincare.

Boba Borojevic has been a host and producer of the radio program "Monday's Encounter" on CKCU 93.1 FM in Ottawa, since April 2001. During the past four years, Mrs. Borojevic has interviewed many writers, politicians, historians, artists, academics and people who continue to make a difference in our society. Her letters and interviews have been published in The Washington Times, The Ottawa Citizen, The Ottawa Sun, The National Post, Glas Javnosti, Nacional, Dan as well as in some periodicals. In addition her interviews and writings have had worldwide distribution via the Internet.

Boba Borojevic, administrative liaison for the Lord Byron Foundation for Balkan Studies in Canada, has organized numerous cultural events, panel and round-table discussions, and speaker presentations.

Boba Borojevic also lived and studied in Germany and has traveled extensively throughout Europe and North America. She is married and has two children.

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