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When British Prime Minister Tony Blair steps down in June ending his ten year premiership, he will be judged by many for his "

Tony Blair: The Balkan projects & pockets full of money


By Boba Borojevic

May 26, 2007


When British Prime Minister Tony Blair steps down in June ending his ten year premiership he will be judged by many for his war-time "peace" building efforts in the Balkans.


Balkan rulers have a gift of showing their appreciation for those who fought and helped creating independent states at the expense of Serbian territory. The praise is higher if their actions include depicting Serbs as genocidal and monstrous nation.


Croatia, a racially purified and Serben frei state, had not forgotten to thank its historic ally Germany when it declared independence in 1991. Diana Johnson explained it very accurately in her column Nazi Nostalgia In Croatia: “However, if the Croatian fascists actually led, rather than followed the German Nazis down the path of genocide, that doesn't mean they have forgotten their World War II benefactors. After all, it was thanks to Hitler's invasion of Yugoslavia that the "Independent State of Croatia" was set up in April 1941... And the hit song of 1991, when Croatia once again declared its independence from Yugoslavia and began driving out Serbs, was "Danke Deutschland" in gratitude to Germany's strong diplomatic support for Zagreb's unnegotiated secession.”


Bosnian Muslim warlord Alija Izetbegovic allowed thousands of Islamic mujahedins  to settle in Bosnia after the war of early 1990s. That was his gesture of appreciation for their burning down Serbian villages and killing and expelling thousands of Serbs. There has been a great reluctance in the West to admit publicly that the fighting in Bosnia was to appease Muslims around the world. Mr. Izetbegovic, however, made sure that his friends in the West, in Saudi Arabia, Iran and elsewhere understood what he was fighting for. In his Islamic Declaration, the late Bosnian president Izetbegovic wrote on page 32: "... The upbringing of the nation, and especially the mass media - the press, TV and film - should be in the hands of people whose Islamic moral and intellectual authority is undisputed. ... Islamic renewal cannot be initiated without a religious, and cannot be successfully continued and concluded without a political revolution...There can be no peace or coexistence between the "Islamic faith" and non- Islamic societies and political institutions [Page 22]."


No Balkan nation has been as generous towards its western masters as Albanians from Kosovo, or KosovArs as they prefer to be called. Former American President Bill Clinton was rewarded an honorary doctorate degree from the University of Pristina for not only arming and training the UCK terrorists (Kosovo Liberation Army – KLA) but also for turning a blind eye to the Albanian atrocities perpetrated against the Serbs. In addition Albanians have named a street in Pristina after Bill Clinton - Bill Clinton Boulevard.  That was not all, of course. When Hillary asked her husband Bill to bomb Serbia in 1999, as said in her eight million dollar book deal - Hillary's Choice- she knew that Kosovo was worth much more than that. When you can't understand why something is being done, follow the money. With one of the biggest American military base Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo, Hillary understood, as Stella Jatras  pointed out , "that  C-A-M-P B-O-N-D-S-T-E-E-L spells a lot of $$$$ dished out by American taxpayers... It also spells lucrative contracts and confiscation of Kosovo's rich mining wealth for multi-national contractors and arms dealers, not to mention control of Caspian Sea oil pipelines." 


On the other hand Albanians have been formidable partners. They knew how to buy an intervention and that America has the best Congress, which foreigners can buy. When the international community leaders tender their services, heads of the Kosovo’s Albanian mafia ask "how much"? We can only guess the price tag for Kosovo Albanian genocide against the Serbs! Kosovo today is not only a picture of unspeakable horrors against the Serbs, but also a true reflection of an immoral, corrupt and criminal American and western foreign policy. 


Tony Blair, British Prime Minister was one of the first to articulate the doctrine of the international community and to call for a shift away from the old UN emphasis on respecting every nation's sovereign integrity. He has argued toward more pro-active forms of military intervention, the so-called humanitarian intervention. Tony Blair, the one who started the global Third Way political movement, has announced that he is stepping down.  An example how wars pay off is his and his wife Cherie's lucrative 80 million dollars lectures' and book deals.


The consequences of Blair's hubris and ill-judged war extravagance in the Balkans will be with us for many years to come. Tony Blair may not have a boulevard in Pristina named after him (that honour is reserved for those who have openly built an Islamic terror state in the heart of Europe, such as Albright, Holbrooke, Clark, Lantos, Biden and endless others), but he certainly will have two things: some Albanians named after him and pockets full of blood money. As George Bush put it: "When Tony Blair tells you something, as we say in Texas, you can take it to the bank."

Boba Borojevic
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