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Stella Jatras | Columns | Serbianna.com When Is A Diplomat Not a Diplomat?...When you're Richard Holbrooke
By Stella Jatras
May 29, 2007

By now, everyone is familiar with the insensitive words uttered by Shock Jock Imus which appeared in Mary Mostert's commentary of 12 May,We should also not forget what happened to comedian "Kramer," from the Seinfeld Show when he railed against two black hecklers in the audience during a performance by calling them the n-word. Just like Imus, his racist comments cost him his job.

But what happens when a U.S. diplomat shows his true character when he rails against an entire race of people during war? Not a blessed thing!

"The Vietcong were dedicated ideologues, committed to a long-term struggle. These guys [the Serbs] aren't ideologues; they're just murderous assholes." These are not my words; it is a direct quote from one of our distinguished "diplomats." With these disgraceful racists, and reprehensible remarks made to Ted Koppel during an interview and published in The New Yorker, November 6, 1995, Richard Holbrook revealed his hatred and contempt for the Serbian people.

Holbrooke praises the communist Vietcong, who killed over 58,000 of our young troops and denigrates the brave Serbian people who fought, suffered and sacrificed as our allies during two world wars. Mr. Holbrooke is determined not only to demoralize the Serbian people, but to completely humiliate them.

It's one thing when you have comedians lose their cool, so to speak, for being stupid and having to face the consequences, but what should happen when a U.S. diplomat shows open animosity for an entire people, collectively, a people who paid an incredibly high price for being our ally? In Richard Holbrooke, we have an American "diplomat " who was supposed to be impartial while negotiating a peace treaty in Bosnia. Instead, we were given a treaty by Richard Holbrooke which enabled Bosnia to become al-Qaeda's corridor into Europe; where The Financial Times reported, "Ministry Confirms Madrid Terrorist Suspect [was] Born in Bosnia," and that the Madrid bombers were trained in Bosnia-Based al Qaeda Camps. That it is significant there is link between Bosnia and the London terrorists according to Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy of July 2005, which reported that "Forensic and other intelligence has now linked the London terrorist bombings of July 7, 2005 to terrorist support operations in Bosnia, just as the terrorist attacks of March 11, 2004, on Madrid, and September 11, 2001, on New York and Washington were later discovered to be linked to Bosnian . . . ." That report supports what Yossef Bodansky and Vaughn Forrest of the Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare, House Republican Research Committee warned us as far back as September of 1992 in their report, "Iran's European Springboard?" that, "Thus Tehran and its allies are using the violence in Bosnia-Herzegovina as a springboard for the launching of a jihad in Europe."

It appears that the Balkans have become more than a springboard into Europe. The recent capture by the F.B.I. of six men arrested in a terror plot against Fort Dix should raise concerns about US and UN policies regarding Kosovo considering that four of the Muslim terrorists were ethnic Albanians, three of whom were in the United States illegally.

White House spokesman Tony Snow was quick to state that there was no direct evidence that the men arrested at Fort Dix had ties to International terrorism, although it was reported that one, Agron Abdullahu, had been a sniper for the terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). Furthermore, according to the New York Times of 9 May, "The arrests came after a 15-month investigation during which the F.B.I. and two informers who had infiltrated the group taped them training with automatic weapons in rural Pennsylvania, conducting surveillance of military bases in the Northeast, watching videos of Osama bin Laden and the 9/11 hijackers and trying to buy AK-47 assault rifles." There may not be direct evidence that the attack was ordered by al-Qaeda, but their actions and taped jihadist declarations clearly show they were acting in accordance with Osama bin Laden's call for world-wide jihad against the United States.

In other attempts to defuse the seriousness of the planned attack at Fort Dix and the connection to ethnic Albanians, the media reported that the Duka brothers were born when Debar was part of the former "Yugoslavia." By referring to the terrorists' homeland as being "Yugoslavia," was it a deliberate attempt to conjure up images of alleged Serbian atrocities to readers who know little or nothing about Yugoslavia other than the slanted news during the war in Bosnia and Kosovo?

Why the quick denial of any al-Qaeda connection? Perhaps it is because the administration does not want any bad publicity connected to ethnic Kosovo Albanians because of the effort by the US State Department and certain members of Congress to cede Kosovo, Serbia's Jerusalem, to jihadist war criminals who are today in control of that southern province of Serbia. To put it plainly, news of any ethnic Albanian ties to Islamic terrorism would weaken the case for a UN mandated grant of independence in violation of Serbia's sovereignty.

In 1999, U.S.-led NATO bombing on behalf of Kosovar Albanian Muslims killed thousands of Serbs and devastated Serbia's economy. During that same period of time CNN reported on 5 May, 1999 that Hillary Clinton welcomed the first group of some 20,000 Kosovo refugees who had been offered sanctuary at Fort Dix, New Jersey. "They were offered hot showers, meals and dry, warm beds and bused to a military base [Fort Dix] that had been transformed into a child-friendly village." Now we have ethnic Albanian Muslim terrorists whose stated goal was "to kill as many American soldiers as possible," and "to die in the name of Allah." Is this any way to repay America's generosity?

As for Richard Holbrooke? Kenneth Timmerman writes in his "U.S. Selling Out Bosnian Christians to Muslims, Serb Leader Says," of 24 May, 2007, "Richard Holbrooke, the U.S. official who negotiated the 1995 agreement, told a forum marking the 10th anniversary of the Dayton accords in November 2005 that 'among his 'mistakes' were the words, 'Republik Srpska' and called for the Serbian entity to be dissolved into Muslim Bosnia," as though 500 years of Islamic oppression were not enough.

Apparently, Mr. Holbrooke knows no bounds in his animosity towards the Serbs; his words make it clear that the Serbian people, unlike the phoenix, should not rise again from the ashes.

Stella Jatras
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