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M. Bozinovich | Columns | Serbianna.com INTERVIEW
Political Science professor at the Belgrade university, Dr. Miroljub Jevtic, says that the extremist Islamic indoctrination in Kosovo is the source of Albanian separatism and that the indoctrination has reached such levels that the

Albanian Extremism Is Beyond Control in Kosovo

By M. Bozinovich

17 years ago you wrote a scenario in which Islam causes wars in the Balkans and uses the acquired lands to make bases out of which to attack the West. What were the causing factors for such a conclusion?

The conclusions were the outgrowth of my observations of the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979. The names involved in that revolution were similar with the ones in Serbian history. Then the attack on medieval Serbian kingdom by the Ottoman Turks was based on Islamic imperatives, that is that the Allah is ordering the Muslims to wage a war in the world in order to establish an Islamic order. Iran was also similar.

Since Islamic faith pertains to establishment of its laws in the world, it was clear that what was being prepared in the Balkans was only a prelude for Islamic insurgency in the West and Balkans was to be only a base against the main target. The West is the main target because Islam does not have a rule over it.

Islamic insurgency then used the Balkan paradoxes, where Balkan Muslims were used as Trojan horses with whom they employed the Western rhetoric of human rights, free markets... to gain support.

It is a paradox that the West was used for creation of basis against itself.

Profesor Miroljub Jevtic
Miroljub Jevtic,  Political Sciences professor in Belgrade.
Is terrorism a new, skewed method of Islamic proselytizing or is it one of the fundamental ways with which to Islamize the world, as extremists believe?

Terrorism, to be sure, was not the method Mohammed advocated to use to achieve the goals of the Islamic mission nor does the Quaran advocate it. On the contrary, Quaran is one of the most important works in human civilization. Just the fact that Mohammed succeeded in attracting a huge mass of people for his word speaks a great deal of Islamic greatness and strength.

Islam as such is not to be condemned; it's to be respected.

On the other hand, Islam is different from the Western civilization yet the West refuses to accept this characteristic, some because of objective and some because of subjective reasons even among those that make decisions.

Islam is an opponent to the West with which it cannot coexist in equality because it has a complete vision of the world and its own concepts of culture, politics and a human being and when it looks at the West, Islam sees an unacceptable opponent of its visions.


In its vision, Islam has a duty to save each and every individual, no matter his residence, of his sins that lead into hell. Since the West, according to the Islamic concept of sin, lives in sin, it has to be helped by establishing an Islamic value system. This has to always be attempted through peaceful means but if they do not yield results then force is not excluded.

Establishing an Islamic system of values cannot be done without an Islamic judicial system so, accordingly, Islam believes that it should remake every state into an Islamic one, including the USA.

Although Muslims may differ at a timetable or the means for achieving this new Islamic order, the broad contour of the desirability of a world Islamic system is accepted by every Muslim.

Since no adequate peaceful power exists that can establish Islam in the American case, and many Islamic states had to coexist with US and maintain a level of coexistence which has significantly eroded the Islamic legitimacy of those rulers, so that bin Laden and his al Qaeda's bombing of the World Trade Center was seen as a spectacular result in favor of Islam that not only legitimized use of power but also terrorism as a means for spreading of Islam.

According to the reasoning then, Allah allowed 9/11 to happen, it produced favorable results so it means that Allah also approves terrorism as a means for islamization.

Bosnian Muslim mujahadeen holding the trophy after beheading a Serb.
According to one CNN commentator, the beheading of Berg is not unusual in the Islamic world. To what degree is this vision of human life a civilizational difference of Islam and the West?

Islamic jurisprudence is casuistic and it does not have an answer for every particular question. It derives answers by looking at the intent of an action to see if it's an allowable general variation in the function of the ultimate objectives. So the Quaranic Sharia laws allow human torture that are much worse then beheadings.

For example, in the Quaranic chapter (sura) 5 titled Table, the 33rd verse tells the believer how to deal with disobedient of the Islamic order:

"Those that make war against Allah and His apostle and spread disorders in the land shell be put to death or crucified or have their hands and feet cut off on alternate sides or be banished from the country."

In Saudi Arabia, beheadings are done in front of the US ambassador daily after the state issued fatwas (religious decrees).

One cannot but notice that the preponderance of Islamic terrorists that are attacking the West have Bosnia on their resume. How much is Richard Holbrooke personally responsible for creation of terrorist bases throughout the Balkans?

Richard Holbrooke is very much responsible because he stood behind the project of a creation of another Islamic state in Europe so that now Bosnia is a haven for al Qaeda bases as is Kosovo and western Macedonia. Holbrooke encouraged al Qaeda, the Egyptian Jam al Islamia and the Pakistani Tabligh to come to the Balkans. Thanks to the environment Holbrooke in large measure created, members of these terrorist groups never left and are active in Kosovo, and western Macedonian cities of Tetovo, Gostivar, Debar and others.

I believe that these terrorist bases in the Balkans Holbrooke precipitated, in coordination with cells in USA, Switzerland, Britain and Belgium, will make new terrorist attacks on the West.

Richard Holbrook at a meeting with the Albanian islamists in 1998. (Photo by Associated Press)
Where are those terrorist bases in the Balkans... names and geographic location?

Before 9/11 stationary terrorist bases were established in Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania because the Western intelligence coordinated their activities with them in the war against Serbian army. Since USA has a dominant control of the Balkans it would be extremely easy to locate these terrorist bases and dismember them, so terrorists have shut all stationary bases with fixed location and none exist in the Balkans after 9/11.

Instead now, terrorists are focusing on recruiting volunteers of the type as was Sanel Sekirica from Mostar, Bosnia, who was implicated with the assassins of March 11 in Madrid, or through Islamic humanitarian organization such was Bosnian Vezir located in Travnik and managed by an Albanian Draguti from Orahovac in Kosovo. Recruits are sent to safer places for training such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan... and are brought back to the Balkans as a sleeper cells awaiting orders.

The International Crisis Group (ICG) argues that Islam is a small, negligible factor in the Albanian nationalism. London Mirror recently wrote about weapons purchases from al Qaeda in Kosovo. Is this small, negligible Islamic factor sufficient to the terrorists in their jihad against the West?

I don't know whether ICG does not know anything about the influence of Islam on the Albanian politics or are they hiding it, but that is not true.

Albanians are a multi faith community - Catholics, Orthodox and Muslims - where Islam dominates the national politics.

That this relationship exists in today's Albanian movement, that is that the Albanian Islam is intolerant of the Albanian Christians is amply illustrated by positions of Dr. Ismail Bardhi, from the Islamic Theological University in Skopje, or the the positions of Jazexhi Olsi. Their views can be found throughout the internet.

The domineering intolerance of the Albanian Islam may be a catalyst for a complete disappearance of the entire Albanian nation, that is its transformation into a general Islamic community. In Tirana, for example, special agencies exist that match Albanian women with foreigners such as Pakistanis, Arabs, Kurds and others from Islamic countries, and after marriage they obtain Albanian citizenship, and entrance into Europe. These agencies are extremely popular and do great business.

Profesor Miroljub Jevtic
Myphtiu dr. Rexhep Boja.
After the March pogrom of Serbs in Kosovo, Albanian national movement is divided on the type of action to pursue. Among them is also a strong Islamic current. Who represents it and what do they advocate?

The Albanian Islamic movement is lead by Redzep Boja.

It is simply unbelievable that he was never seriously analyzed by the Western intelligence services.

Boja was sent to Saudi Arabia as a boy where he finished all possible schools on Islamic theology. It is widely believed that he almost forgot his own Albanian language which, if true, is very telling of the degree of his arabization. After returning to Kosovo, Boja started spreading Wahabism for which Bosnian Muslims, writing in the magazine Preporod, say that it is a sect that believes in "you'll either be a Wahabi or you'll be killed, you'll lose your property and your family will be enslaved."

Boja is in charge with the official Islamic Community in Kosovo and is the political power broker in the Albanian political party, the Democratic Union of Kosovo (DSK) led by Ibrahim Rugova that is considered mainstream!

Under Boja's leadership, the Islamic Community has embraced DSK by allowing their buildings to be used for political meetings, for DSK congresses, restaurants for the students in the Pristina University, Internet access, mosques for political purposes and organizing voting in the province. Boja also led the Albanian leaders to meet with the leaders of the Islamic countries to obtain financial and other help.

The more tolerant, Hanefi Islam, that Albanians inherited from Ottoman Turks has lost its hold to Wahabism.

The Wahabi dominance on Kosovo Albanians is illustrated in the March violence against the Serbs where churches were deliberately targeted for destruction because they cannot coexist alongside Wahabi Islam - as is the case in Saudi Arabia.

What bother are Christian crosses to them? Because Wahabi indoctrination of Kosovo Albanians has reached such a degree that it is no longer controllable.

Destruction of the St. Andrew's church in Podujevo by the Albanian extremists was taped. View Video.
Is it inevitable, as some suggest, that UNMIK and NATO itself will soon be a target in future Albanian violence?

That has already happened in the March violence.

In the book Islam In the Work of Ivo Andric you elaborate on a little known Islamic doctrine of Takhiyah. How much is this doctrine dominant in the modern Islamic reaction towards terrorism?

Takihiyah is based on the Quaranic verse 106 in the 16th sura titled Bees:

"Those that are forced to recant while their hearts remain loyal to the faith shell be absolved; but those who deny Allah after professing Islam ... shell incur the wrath of Allah and be sternly punished."

This norm then binds an individual to remain a Muslim all his life or he'll be executed and implicitly forbids religious freedom in an Islamic state. A Muslim may lie and negate his faith if the harm from a heroic insistence on Islam may be greater then gain to it. So when a Muslim negates his faith he is absolved, and he is even ordered to use this deception if that brings gains to Islam... and this deception is Takhiyah.

Look at 9/11 for example. Television clips from most Arabic and Islamic countries showed a spontaneous and passionate cheering of those acts. Huge number of people was singing and rejoicing on the streets while most of their leaders condemned the terrorist acts.

Who with any logic will then believe that the position of the Islamic statesmen is so different from the people that they rule!

The use of takhiyah in Kosovo is also flagrant and is illustrated the best by the mentioned Redzep Boja who is visibly deceiving the West to gain their support only to establish a Wahabi base in Kosovo out of which the deceived, the West, may be killed.

The figure of Tony Blair erected in Pristina as a sign of gratitude for British support of Boja can indeed disappear overnight as did many churches in the recent Kosovo Albanian violence.

Led by the ideal of Freedom, George Bush wants to make Iraq into a democracy. Is that possible? Does the Islamic concept of Freedom different from the Western one?

Iraq is a great mistake, whether it was out of ignorance or out of desire to be stealthy with the Islamic world. Neither one will yield stable results because, from the perspective of a rational Muslim, Islam is Mohammed and sees in him the example of what to do and how to be in order to save his soul. Mohammed is a unity of a Prophet, a supreme clergy, a statesman, supreme judge and the general of an army. Expecting Muslims to accept American values, such as division of powers or religious tolerance, is to expect a lion to lovingly caress a calf in the same cage.

M. Bozinovich 
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