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M. Bozinovich | Columns | Serbianna.com American-Serbs: Vote Bush!

By M. Bozinovich

Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry has accused President Bush of disengaging America from the Balkans. However, since 2000, when the Balkan disengagement under George Bush begun, peace took hold in that region and is spreading by the minute.

No longer frightened by wild-eyed Clintonites, citizens of Serbia broke the political monopoly of the Milosevic's party, successors to the communists, and have spread that political power across a handful of reformist parties now forced to share power and obey the mandates of the electorate.

Free from Clinton's haunting agents of hate threatening their very existence, Serbian electorate was able to turn its attention to the economy and institute one of the most successful privatization initiatives in the Eastern Europe. Free from Clinton's omnipresent military threats, Serbian army is also undergoing a fundamental restructuring by realigning its doctrine and forces to meet the modern challenges facing Serbia and the West.

Under George Bush's disengagement policy, Serbia has been spared from liberal pontificators wearing a diplomatic lipstick, be that Madeline Albright or Kerry's foreign policy advisor Richard Holbrooke. Instead, Serbia spoke and listened to the CEOs of Phillip Morris, Coca Cola, Motorola... and countless other practical and able people from whom one can learn and mutually prosper.

Under George Bush's disengagement policy, Serbia has been a host to the right kind of Americans: businessmen and practical people whose know-how in making goods is the true bridge to friendship and mutual betterment.

In short, while Clinton sent bureaucratic "imperators" to the Balkans to dictate to the masses, Bush encouraged practical men to go invest in Serbia, to take their products there and improve the lot of an average Serbian citizen. With these kinds of Americans that Bush is sending to Serbia, lasting friends can be made.

By removing Bush from office, Kerry will resurrect policies of hate his Democratic predecessors followed. Kerry's re-engagement policy will destabilize Balkans and possibly plunge it into another war.

To stop further, and infectious, fragmentation of the Balkans, American-Serbs must vote for President Bush in November.

Kerry's Agents of Hate

If people are policy, as Washington is set in a belief, then the people around Senator Kerry are dangerous agents of hate whose policy will destabilize the Balkans and initiate a chain reaction of violent ethnic demands to redefine borders across Europe.

Kerry's top nominees for the Secretary of State, Joseph Biden and Richard Holbrooke, are men with proven animus for Serbia. During Senatorial deliberations in 1999 over NATO war on Serbia, Biden stated that all Serbs should be placed in "NAZI style" camps while Holbrooke, during an interview on Nightline, branded Serbian nation as "murderous assholes". Both of these men are top advisors to Kerry and likely authors of Kerry's 7-point plan for the Balkans.

In it, Kerry pays lip service to the binding UN Resolution 1244 that defines Kosovo as a sovereign Serbian territory, and vows to decide "Kosovo's future status... as soon as possible". Kerry, therefore, wants to flip upside-down Bush's "standards before status" initiative and grant an independent status to the province irrespective of the standards that the Albanians of the province are husbanding.

March of 2004 is a wonderful example of the standards majority Muslim Albanians are, in fact, husbanding in this UN protected fiefdom: the majority Muslim Albanians initiated a 3 day orgy of violence against Christian Serbs, burning, killing, looting and erasing entire villages and monasteries from the map.

Politically, Biden and Holbrooke have been of financial help to the Kerry campaign by bringing in the Albanian lobby money. In exchange for Albanian money, Kerry's Balkans plan includes provisions sympathetic to the Albanian desires to violently acquire Balkan lands from other sovereign states and make the acquisitions their permanent possessions. Kerry considers these violent Albanian demands of other peoples' lands "legitimate aspirations of the Albanian majority" and vows to help the Albanian imperial movement in the Balkans gain international recognition of their violent land conquests.

Greater Albania advoocated by the Albanian lobby in the US
Greater Albania as advocated by the Albanian lobby in the US. Light orange are territories that Kerry believes must be violently acquired by Muslim Albanians.
Specifically, Kerry promises to work diligently "to achieve a solution that fulfills the legitimate aspirations of the Albanian majority." Mindful of Kerry's commitment, Joseph DioGuardi, a former Congressmen kicked out of there for unethical conduct but now a chief of the Albanian lobby group AACL, has initiated a non-binding referendum of all Albanians in the Balkans asking them whether they would support Greater Albania, a conceptual entity that is suppose to annex Greek, Montenegrin, Serbian and Macedonian land. Conveniently, this Albanian lobby group chose a Macedonian city, Tetovo, to initiate the referendum, and to have the results ready for submission to the sympathetic Kerry in case he wins the US election. In 2001, Albanians initiated violence against Christians in Macedonia claiming that violence was necessary in order to allocate "more rights" for Muslims there.

On the media side, furthermore, Kerry sympathizers are already setting up the stage for another wave of public satanization of Serbs that Richard Holbrooke suggested be done in 2003. Writing for the International Herald Tribune, a scribal subsidiary of the New York Times, Richard Cohen mendaciously raises a question of where Serbian borders should be in the Balkans, implying that Serbia is not a sovereign territorial entity.

A view that Serbia is a non-sovereign international entity is also implicit in the "theoretical" positions and analytical papers of the International Crisis Group, a Brussels outfit funded by a currency speculator George Soros who is the major donor to the Kerry campaign. Soros has spent over $42 million of his own money financing anti-Bush propaganda although suggestions have been made that the source of the Soros' funds may be from criminal enterprise. Last year, Soros flew to Belgrade to demand that Serbia give up Kosovo or else never become a member of the European Union.

Kerry: A duplicitous sleaze

While arguing that his "administration will insist on full political, cultural and human rights for all the people of the Balkans", Kerry is, at the same time, advocating a policy of "ethnic re-integration of Bosnia", a code word for annulment of the Dayton Peace Agreement and elimination of the Serb entity in it as demanded by the Bosnian Muslims.

Supporting ethnic disintegration of Serbia while supporting ethnic reintegration of Bosnia is a political position beyond a simple flip-flop.

Yet, Kerry's political sleaze does not end here.

In July, Kerry sent a condescending letter to the Serbian National Federation in Pittsburgh that was long on useless praise for the legacy of Serbian industriousness in the US and other some such empty rhetoric that neatly fills a page, hoping, perhaps, that most of those who read the letter are political simpletons blinkingly happy that some Massachusetts patrician is even recognizing a steel-mill veteran and so acquire his vote or, at least, deviously get him not to vote for Bush.

Immediately thereafter, in his characteristic political sleaze, Kerry sent a long letter to the Albanian community telling them that he will dismember Serbia and legalize Albanian violent conquest of Kosovo: "I will need your help in building the support we will need in Congress and with the American people to carry out this historic task." wrote Kerry to the Albanians.

Support Bush Presidency

American Serbs, and indeed Orthodox Christians from the Balkans whose ancestral homeland will become a subject of a violent siege by Islamic forces of the Albanian separatism, must support the Bush campaign that took the Islamic violence to their streets and their homeland.

Three websites have been established thus far that lend political support to President Bush and seek to mobilize Christian American voters with the Balkan ancestry for Bush. These websites are:

Serbs for Bush.com

Orthodox Christians for Bush

or contact

Lord Byron Foundation for Balkan Studies
P.O. Box 1246
Chicago, IL 60690-1246


Serbian-American Voters' League
P.O. Box 1246
Chicago, IL 60690-1246
Email: SAVL@serbsforbush.com

M. Bozinovich 
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