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Of Bribes and Allegations
By M. Bozinovich
July 1, 2007

Recent allegations that Martti Ahtisaari was a recipient of Albanian money in order to recommend independence for Kosovo has been refuted as "rubbish" by the Ahtisaari's spokesman, Remi Dourlot.

With that dismissal being swell and good, the other unexamined part in this entire allegations fiasco is one of the personalities that allegedly paid the money to Ahtisaari.

According to the allegations made against Ahtisaari, a briefcase stuffed with money was delivered to his office and the money allegedly came from Kosovo's Muslim Albanian billionaire Behgjet Pacolli.

It could turn out that the charismatic Pacolli does know few things, here and there, about stuffed briefcases.

Back in 1995, Russian prosecutors alleged that Pacolli "delivered a briefcase stuffed with U.S. currency, a Cartier watch and a diamond-studded brooch to Pavel Borodin, President Boris Yeltsin's chief of administrative affairs."

Pacolli denied the allegations.

In 2004, a BBC cameraman Peter Jouvenal said that he was Pacolli's ransom money delivery boy to the Afghan jihadists that kidnapped 3 UN workers, one among them being Shqipe Hebibi, Kosovo's Muslim Albanian.

Pacolli denied Jouvenal's allegation as well but admitted on Afghani TV that Kosovo Muslim Albanians are much more brotherly with the Afghanis, who are overwhelmingly pro-Taliban, then with the Americans whom Teliban is killing.

"Shqipe Hebibi went to Afghanistan to help our brother people here," Pacolli said on a private Afghan television channel to which, once released, Habibi added:

"I know the culture, I know the religion, and that's why I thought I can help... We are not related to America."

Syed Akhbar Agha, the chief of Jaish-al-Muslimeen, a criminal arm for the Teliban that kidnapped Hebibi, said that "Ms Habibi was released after a personal plea by Mr Pacolli," and Jouvenal confirmed that he is "positive that Mr Pacolli was entirely responsible for their release."

According to the Swiss ISN Security Watch the "Kosovar Albanian woman, a Muslim, was released because of an appeal by Pacolli, who is also a Muslim."

What the Jihadist Syed Akhbar Agha could have discovered after hearing of Pacolli is that Behgjet sits on the Board of the Bosnian Institute in Zurich along with a fellow Jihadist Mohamed Mansour.

The Executive Order by President Bush as of September 24, 2001, names Mohamed Mansour along with 27 others to be an individual that supports terrorism.

The Bosnian Institute has its other offshoot in London where Noel Malcolmm chairs the "institute" and uses services of Paul Williams who advises Kosovo Albanians on status negotiations.

In the wee days of NATOs attack on Serbia over Kosovo in 1999, Bosnian London network was used, temporarily, to recruit European Jihadists to fight in Kosovo on behalf of Muslim Albanians amid Jihadist fervor whipped up relentlessly by London-based Imams.

It turns out that Behgjet's alleged friend, Mohamed Mansour, was also on the Board of Nada Management located in Italy but near Lugano, Switzerland, where Pacolli has his home.

The proximity of the residence may not be as significant as the fact that Nada Management is on the list of terrorist groups that funnel money to Osama bin Laden and is part of the world-wide Islamic financial network, al-Taqwa, that funds violent Islamic causes including the ones in Kosovo.

"Al Taqwa is an association of offshore banks and financial management firms that have helped al Qaeda shift money around the world," President Bush said.

A prominent member of Nada Management Board is a 74-year-old Swiss convert to Islam, Ahmed Huber, who glorifies Hitler, Ayatollah Khomeini, Haj Amin al- Husseini and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem that organized Albanian Nazi divisions in Kosovo during WWII. However, it has not been alleged that Nada Management had any money funneled to Kosovo's Muslims through Pacolli's Lugano-based Fund for Reconstruction of Kosovo, an organization that allegedly funded Kosovo's Muslim Albanian terrorists, the KLA, and is known to fund a Kosovo-based Albanian separatist newspaper Bota Sot.

In what is another peculiar coincidence, Lugano-based Banca del Gottardo seems to be the bank of choice for both Pacolli and Nada Management. Banca del Gottardo President Claudio Generali is also a leader of the Swiss Radical Democratic Party known for its long time rule over Switzerland and support for Kosovo's independence.

In 1993, Banca del Gottardo was handling the contract between Lugano-based, Pacolli-owned Interplastica and a Soviet-era biological weapons producer Biopreparat. Two former Biopreparat defecties to the West, one in 1989 and 1992, said that the firm never ceased to produce biological weapons.

A September 1994 coded fax to Banca del Gottardo says that "for our friends of Torola, 'Biopreparat' deposited through 'Interplastica¥' two cont. of 20 kg of material in the security box of the bank. P. Mamaladze advised -- ready for transaction [of] 'bonds.'"

Mamaladze is/was owner of Falkon Group for which a Russian reporter from Novaja Gazeta, Oleg Lurje, alleges that it is a subsidiary of the BinLaden Group.

Pacolli eventually split Interplastica with his partner and formed his own Mabatex whose sister company, Mercata, became the centerpiece of a series of long corruption investigations known as KremlinGate linking former Russian President Boris Yeltsin, his staff and family to Pacolli's money.

According to a report by the European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control, Organized Crime, Trafficing, Drugs, Behgjet Pacolli transferred $1 million to a Budapest bank held by Yeltsin, then paid off Yeltsin's daughter's large credit card bill. Pacolli said that the money was for advertising while a Pacolli associate said, no!, the money was for Yeltsin's political campaign.

Carla del Ponte investigated KremlinGate and concluded that she could not prosecute because Swiss laws allow bribing of officials.

The allegation against Ahtisaari is that Pacolli's money was deposited in a Swiss account.

Pacolli funds a US-based lobby group Alliance for a New Kosovo.

M. Bozinovich 
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