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Carl Savich | Columns | serbianna.com Srebrenica: The Destruction of Christian Churches and Assault on Christianity

By Carl Savich
The Bosnian civil war that lasted from 1992 to 1995 was characterized by an unprecedented propaganda campaign by the US government and media. US propaganda portrayed the civil war as a barbaric assault by Orthodox Serbs against secular, tolerant, pluralist Muslims. Muslim ultra-nationalist demagogue Alija Izetbegovic was portrayed by US propaganda as a secular, democratic political leader.

Bosnian Muslim President Izetbegovic, highlighted on the right, in a meeting with an al-Qaeda unit in Bosnia. 
In fact, Izetbegovic had formed a militant and radical Islamic political party in 1990, the SDA, Stranka Demokratska Akcija, the Party for Democratic Action, which was in fact an ultra-nationalist Islamic Party. What US propaganda concealed was the militant and radical nature of Islam that Izetbegovic espoused. Izetbegovic espoused a radical Muslim ultra-nationalism that rejected the secularism of Mustafa Kemal Pasha Ataturk. Everyone knew Alija Izetbegovic was a radical Muslim ultra-nationalist, except the US government, media, and sycophantic Western intelligentsia. It was a transparent case of self-delusion.

This Islamic intolerance was manifested in the systematic and planned destruction of Christian churches and Christian cemeteries in Srebrenica and throughout all of Bosnia. This destruction of Christian churches and cemeteries was stringently covered up in the US and in the West. The Bosnian Muslim assault on Christianity in the Balkans was suppressed by the US media and US government. What did they seek to conceal?

Photo 1
Photo 1:  The US media did not show burned out and destroyed Serbian Orthodox Churches in the Srebrenica district of eastern Bosnia during the civil war. Bosnian Muslim forces burned out and shot up the walls of Christian buildings. The goal was to destroy the evidence of Christianity in Srebrenica.

Photo 2
Photo 2: The interiors of Serbian Orthodox Churches were destroyed by Bosnian Muslim forces in Srebrenica. Bosnian Muslim forces sprayed the walls of the church with AK-47 Kalashnikov rounds. The interior was bullet-riddled and pockmarked. Bosnian Muslim forces wrote graffiti on the walls. They wrote “SDA”, which stands for Stranka Demokratska Akcija, the Bosnian Muslim political party founded by Alija Izetbegovic. They also painted a crescent and a star on the church wall, the symbols of Islam.

Top: Photo 3
Bottom: Photo 4
Photo 3 and Photo 4: On the right are the ruins of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Srebrenica, which was destroyed by Bosnian Muslim forces from Srebrenica. Only the foundations remain of this church. On the left is the temporary church that was built next to the site. There has been no progress on the reconstruction of the church in 2003 and 2004. The US media would not show this radical Islamic assault on Christianity in Bosnia. Instead, the US corporate media and corporate news agencies censored these images.

Photo 5
Photo 5: This photograph shows the burned out and destroyed residence of the Serbian Orthodox priests in the Srebrenica district. The destroyed church is next to their residence. Bosnian Muslim troops from Srebrenica wrote graffiti on burned out and destroyed Serbian buildings such as “Islam shall win!”

Photo 6
Photo 6: This photograph shows the exterior of the Srebrenica Orthodox Church. Bosnian Muslim forces destroyed, desecrated, and vandalized the interior of this church.

Photo 7
Photo 7:  The tombstones and gravestones of Serbian Christians in the Srebrenica cemetery were desecrated, destroyed, and vandalized by Bosnian Muslim forces. Bosnian Muslim troops sought to eradicate Christianity in Srebrenica. This systematic destruction and desecration of Christian burial sites in Srebrenica by Bosnian Muslim forces was something the US media would not show.

Photo 8 
Photo 8: Christian graves in Srebrenica were desecrated and destroyed by Bosnian Muslim forces who sought to erase the presence of Christianity in Srebrenica.

Photo 9
Photo 9: In October, 1995, the bodies of murdered Bosnian Serb civilians were exhumed in the Srebrenica Orthodox cemetery. This is where the bodies of Srebrenica’s Christian civilians were buried after they were murdered by Bosnian Muslim forces.

Photo 10
Photos 10: The town center in Srebrenica shows the scars of civil war. There has been no repair or reconstruction of the town square.

Photo 11
Photo 11: Serbian houses in the neighboring town of Bratunac remain under reconstruction after the devastation of the civil war.

Photo 12
Photo 12: There is a signpost to Srebrenica from the Potocari road that leads into the town.

The destruction of Christian churches and cemeteries and monuments in Srebrenica has been censored in the US and in the West. This cover-up was needed to buttress the propaganda position of the Bosnian Muslims, who were proxies of the US/Germany/NATO/EU. As a result of this infowar or propaganda campaign, the assault on Christianity in Srebrenica was never shown. The ruins of destroyed Christian churches and cemeteries were covered up.

Carl Savich
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