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Islamists plan violence after Kosovo goes independent

April 30, 2007 -- In a Kosovo town of Gnjilane on April 16, top echelons of the ethnic Albanian extremist leadership had a secret meeting where they unveiled a plan code named "Small Serbia" that plans to activate al Qaeda cells across the Balkans once Kosovo Albanians declare independence, writes Marko Lopusina, a reporter for a Belgrade independent weekly Telegraph.

According to the information Lopusina obtained, the intelligence about the Kosovo Albanian military plan and the meeting has been acquired by the Spanish and French intelligence agents that have infiltrated al Qaeda cells in the Balkans in the aftermath of al Qaeda attacks on Spain and Muslim riots in France.

"It has been shown that individuals in al Qaeda attacks on Spain and France came from Bosnia and Kosovo, and that has led these agents to spy on these cells in the Balkans," says an unidentified intelligence officer from Belgrade.

"In the course of monitoring their own terrorists, Spanish and French uncovered that Islamists in the Balkans and those in Europe are in a tight cooperation," says the officer.

According to Eliza Manningham-Buller, Director General of the Security Service MI5, British agents have, so far, uncovered 30 large terrorist operations that al Qaeda is planning from Balkans and some 1,600 Islamists are being monitored. The intended target is Europe.

According to the reports, ethnic Albanian terrorists from Kosovo and Macedonia have paid 100,000 Euros for a recent transfer of wahhabists extremist gunmen from Tuzla in Bosnia and from the emerging extremist hotbed in Serbia's southern city of Novi Pazar.

Sources indicate that the intent is to make Novi Pazar a logistic center for all of the Islamists in Europe.

"There are indications that the Wahhabis of Novi Pazar have interpreted recent statements by the German Ambassador in Serbia, Zobel, as a green light to initiate violence against Serbia," says Darko Trifunivic, an expert on Islamic terrorism in the Balkans.

German ambassador Andreas Zobel recently said that "Insisting on Kosovo as part of Serbian territory would destabilize Serbia, because then the issue of Vojvodina could open up, which is a new province in Serbia."

"This is not a threat," said Zobel.

In March, Serbian police has uncovered a Muslim terror camp and during the gun battle that killed the leader, the brother of the killed leader escaped to Kosovo and is being protected by local ethnic Albanian extremists.

At the funeral of Dženaz Ismail Prentic, the slain al Qaeda leader from Novi Pazar, hundreds of locals came to pay their respects, and his body covered in black has been carried throughout the town in a long drawn parade.

At Gnjilane meeting, sources have told Lopusina, the alleged independent NGOs would initiate demands that southern Serbia requires cultural and national autonomy which will be followed by demands from the local armed Muslim Albanians that will be will be followed by armed violence.

NATO troops in Kosovo have been informed of this plan, writes Lopusina.

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