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Saudis financed terror in Kosovo
July 19, 2007 9:41 AM

July 26, 2007 - Confidential reports by the Central Intelligence Agency have found that a prominent Saudi banking family, Al Rajhi, is a major financier of jihadist activities in Kosovo and Bosnia and their bank, the Al Rajhi Bank, is the most favored bank by the world's extremists to funnel money for violent Muslim activities across the globe.

"There is no reliable estimate of how much the Al Rajhis have given to promote Islam over the years," assesses the Wall Street Journal after examining the secret CIA documents and concludes that the "overseas money went to aid embattled Muslims in Kosovo, Chechnya and the Palestinian territories and to finance Islamic instruction."

The Journal says that in the aftermath of 9/11 the American officials agonized over what to do about the bank's financing of terror.

The Al Rajhi name also came prominent in Bosnia after seizing the "golden chain" documents listing world's major donors of such Jihad as in Bosnia and Kosovo. 

"The list was authenticated for the Federal Bureau of Investigation... by America's top judicial witness against al Qaeda, a onetime al Qaeda business manager named Jamal Al Fadl, who is in the federal witness-protection program. He called the contributor list the 'golden chain.', says the Wall Street Journal adding that:

"A 2003 German police report said Sulaiman Al Rajhi and other family members had contributed more than $200,000 in 1993 to a charity that financed weapons for Islamic militants in Bosnia, in addition to providing humanitarian aid."

A Jidda-based charity called the International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO), arranges for Muslim donors to send their money directly to the Al Rajhi Bank. The International Islamic Relief Organization has its branches in Kosovo.

The UN has labeled the IIRO branches and some of its officials as al Qaeda supporters.

According to a 2003 testimony at the US Senate, Jean-Charles Brisard says that the "Efforts to coordinate the recipients of money have been largely undermined by the composition and management of these bodies. For example, the Saudi Joint Relief Committee for Kosovo and Chechnya (SJRC) included the International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO)".

In April of 2000, NATO forces raided a house rented by the SJRC in Pristina, Kosovo, because the organization was acting as a cover for several Usama bin Laden operatives, including SJRC former directors Adel Muhammad Sadi Bin Kazem and Wael Hamza Julaidan who is the Secretary General of the Rabita Trust in Pakistan and co-founder of Al-Qaida, all designated as terrorist by the United States government in 2002.

According to the official publication of the Islamic Community in the Balkans, the Preporod, Saudis have promised financial support in the 1990s for waging jihad in the former Yugoslavia explicitly citing Bosnia and Kosovo as the Islamic targets of interest.

July 26, 2007 serbianna

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