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Bosnian Muslim paper accuses Serbs, Jews of conspiracy against Islam
Thursday, August 2, 2007

In a front page cover bearing resemblance to the infamous Nazi poster Eternal Jew, Bosnian Muslim newspaper Novi Horizonti is accusing Jews and Serbs of conspiring against Islam and comparing both Jews and Serbs to habitual killers of Muslims in Palestine and Bosnia.

"So, what is that which connects Serbian nationalists and Zionists?" asks Novi Horizonti.

On the left, latest edition of Bosnian Muslim magazine Novi Horizonti. On the right, Hitler's poster Eternal Jew. Both show an image of Orthodox Jewish dress and both accuse of Zionist conspiracy.

"Surely, the only common thread that connects those two non connectable categories is demonization of Muslim Bosniaks and Palestinians and their characterization as the world terrorists, so they could get world support for their evil political objectives," explains Novi Horizonti.

The Editor in Chief of Novi Horizonti is Ahmed Adilovic.

According to a witness testimony at the war crimes court at The Hague, Adilovic was cited as the chief "of information, propaganda, and religious affairs" for the Bosnian Muslim army during the war in the 1990s.

The Hague Court also identifies Adilovic as the author of an August 4, 1993 analysis of the "combat morale situation" of the Bosnian Muslim fighters in which he wrote that Bosnian Muslims feel more secure by the presence of foreign Jihadists in their ranks which, in turn, enhances their battlefield performance in killing Serbs.

"To date they have got used to the Arabs and also some Turks taking part in B/D with them," wrote Adilovic. "Their presence makes them more secure and the Arabs were frequently of decisive importance for the success of an action."

Two of the 19 hijackers in the 9/11 attack on America come from the ranks of the Bosnian Muslim army troops.

Adilovic's advisor from the Magazine's Advisory Board, Šefik Kurdic, said that the presence of foreign fighters in Bosnia has been influential in "initiation of jihad as a religious duty against infidels and heathen" and that the most important goal of jihad is the spread of Islam through missionary work, dawa, which includes presence of Jihadi fighters referred to as the mujahedin.

Another Magazine's advisor, Halil Mehtic, is an author of a booklet "Instructions to a Muslim Fighter" which was distributed to every fighter in the Bosnian Muslim army during the fighting in the 1990s. In it, Mehtic wrote that killing and torturing non-Muslim civilians is allowed and it must be ordered by a superior officer.

All three of these authors now hold doctorate degrees some acquired from Islamic universities.

As additional supportive evidence for conspiracy claims, Novi Horizonti makes disputable assertions such as the "Zionists had an informal alliance with German Nazis"; that American "neoconservatives are, actually, anti-Semites" and "Serbian nationalists... hate Jews".

Magazine's pretext for accusations of an alleged Jewish-Serb conspiracy is an award Milorad Dodik, President of the Serbian Republic in Bosnia, received from Ariel Livne, chief representative of the World Jewish Congress for former Yugoslavia.

Nazis and their Muslim allies in Bosnia took part in a massive genocide of Serbs and Jews in WWII and the award recognizes that.

"Medal that was awarded to Milorad Dodik," analyzes Bosnian Muslim publicist Alispahic is part of a "wider strategy of strengthening great-Serbian and Zionist connections, and all to detriment of Muslims".

"In the end, haven't many Zionist atrocities already been awarded the highest world recognition for peace despite that their hands are in blood up to their elbows," says Alispahic.

The influential President of the Congress of the Islamic Community of Bosnia, Edhem Bicakcic, wants Bosnia to re-evaluate its relationship with Israel.

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