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Serbia: Muslim prosecutor arrested for using sex-slaves
November 19, 2007

Serbia's chief prosecutor has arrested regional vice prosecutor in the Muslim dominated region of Novi Pazar for misuse of office.

The charge alleges that Senad Palamara is implicated in a human trafficking ring in Novi Pazar and was the "user" of sexual services of the trafficked women that were available in a JetSet night club in the Serbian city of Sombor.

The indictment says that during period from December 2005 to July 2007 Palamara repeatedly had sex with a 25 year old Marija K who was forced into prostitution by a trafficking ring of 6 Muslim men from Novi Pazar who have been arrested.

In a raid on JetSet night club two other women have been freed from a forced captivity where they were forced to have sex. In addition to Marija K., a 40-year old Leposava P. kidnapped from Loznica and a 24-year Milica B. from Belgrade were freed from sexual slavery.

Recent death of a woman from Sombor, Sanja B has prompted the owners of the night club to publicly claim that the woman was not beaten but that she "Died from the heart".

In 2004, chief of police in Novi Pazar, Suad Bulic, has warned the public of the expanding human traffic and forced prostitution in the region.

Novi Pazar is a Serbian city located in the region of Raska where it is extensively populated by Muslim inhabitants. Serbian intelligence has warned that the region is ripe for terror recruitment but no terrorism in the region has occurred yet.

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