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Kosovo separatists plan Greater Albania referendum
December 26, 2007

A senior official with the newly elected Kosovo Albanian political party says that a referendum for unification of Kosovo to Albania is a possibility after the separatist Albanian regime in Kosovo unilaterally declares independence and Western powers recognize them, reports Kosovo Albanian paper Koha Ditore.

Nait Hasani
Member of PDK Presidency, Nait Hasani said that after declaring independence a referendum to join Albania is a distinct possibility because citizens of Kosovo and Albania are one nation.

"First there should be supervised independence as proposed by Ahtisaari. But it is known that Kosovo and Albania citizens are one nation who want to live in one state," Hasani is quoted as having told a Polish paper.

PDK Spokeswoman Vlora Çitaku does not share Hasani's view and insists that the goal is to build an independent and sovereign Kosovo that will join EU.

Nait Hasani is born in 1965 in a Kosovo village of Randubrava near city of Prizren. In 1997, Hasani was sentenced to 20 years in prison for murder of 3 Serbs in Decani and an attempted murder of the Dean of the Pristina University Radivoje Popovic, an ethnic Serb. In 2002, Serbian government gave Hasani an amnesty for the killings. Hasani is quoted of saying that the amnesty was a result of the pressure exerted by the Albanian "allies the USA".

Today, Hasani is a member of the Kosovo Albanian government.

Kosovo is a Serbian province dominated by Muslim Albanian separatists that have killed or driven off over two thirds of Christians from the province in an attempt to establish ethnically and religiously pure independent state.

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