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Greated Albania internal matter, State Dep't
June 25, 2008

State Department's Deputy Spokesman Tom Casey has said in a press briefing on Monday that a formation of a Kosovo Albanian "National Party for Greater Albania" that seeks to acquire territories from neighboring countries is an "internal matter for them".

"I would fully expect that people in Serbia and Albania and Kosovo and any other country would be free to choose to organize themselves and establish political parties in conjunction with those countries’ respective constitutions and political systems. And that's an internal matter for them," said Casey in a response to a question by a Greek reporter.

Casey then quickly moved to another reporter.

Casey refused to answer questions on the Balkans earlier in the briefing that this Greek Reporter wanted to ask.

"May I go to the Balkans for one?" asked the reporter.

"No. Let's go around here first, then we'll come back to you," responded Casey.

The reporter, Lambros Papantoniou, is a Greek foreign affairs correspondent for newspapers and TV since 1970 who is accredited in the Department of State. He specializes in the Western Balkans and Cyprus.

Lambros Papantoniou noted that the new Albanian party was being financed by "American Albanians".

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